About Us

Black Eagle Group was established by astute global business professionals with extensive experience on the African continent. With an exceptional work force from different countries, we combine global expertise and insights as well as local knowledge to create novel solutions and broad based value for our clients and stakeholders. We are defined by our people, the strength of our diversity, and shaped by our values. 

Our Purpose
To enable the economic transformation of the Africa continent.

Our ambition
To support African businesses to scale, and contribute to the acceleration of the continent's infrastructure development, positively impacting the lives of at least 100 million Africans 


Our Values


Dream bigger

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so the old adage goes. At BEC, we believe in
testing the limits of potential, by having audacious goals and a well thought out plan. The challenges and opportunities of the African continent demand nothing less.


Find solutions

There isn't a straight path to success and the character of any team is forged in how they respond to set backs. At BEC, we believe in leveraging diversity of people, views and experiences to have robust and productive conversations to find solutions to the invetibable forks in the road to success. 


Continuous learning

Change is one of the certainties of life. At BEC we believe change provides wonderful learning and growth opportunities. Our mindset is one of humility, in the realisation, that we can learn from everyone, every success and failure.  


Trust but verify

Great relationships are founded on trust. At BEC we partner with people of integrity, trusting each other to bring our best selves to the opportunities we address. We also hold ourselves and our partners to a high standard of evidence in ensuring best business practice in all we do. 


Relentlessly pursue Excellence

If something is worth doing, it should be done well. At BEC we don't rely on past reputations but treat each new assignment with the same rigour and hunger for excellence.  

Our Executives


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